The Fighting Turkeys
(more fighting photos)

Jumping Kick: 

Kicking the opponent while using wings to lift

Fighting posture:

Intimidation first: Neck stretched out, snood extended, red face & tail feathers splayed

As you can see, the young male in the photo is backing down quickly

(The lesser male is a young Rio Grande wild turkey)

As mentioned on the other fighting pages, Turkeys both male and female (Tom and hen) will fight to improve their social status in the flock.

Additional page of Turkey Fighting Pictures

Teenage Turkeys fighting--They start early

(I have a lot of Toms, & so a lot of fights

Wars of December (more turkey fighting

Turkey Evolutionary Psychology (why o why)

Fighting normally begins with verbal snarling (my description: Turkey hunters use the term "Fighting Purr") and posturing: Wings low, new outstretched and tail feathers erect.

Each level of aggression is designed for the weaker opponent to back down with minimum injury.

How to aggressive turkey behavior to animals or people (My Youtube channel)

Like a martial artist, the Tom is "leading" with his wing for the quick jab (turkey style)

The opponent, an Eastern wild tom is cautious expecting the strike, but not backing down.

The photo is a little misleading, the tom with the wing out is nervous and the wild tom knows he is going to win. Confidence gained from many battles.

In this photo, two turkey hens are fighting with a rooster. Always a lop sided fight, because the hens will actually use their long legs to kick the rooster. The wings in these fights are not used to strike, but to make themselves look bigger to the chicken. And it works!

Turkey hen using her wings to scare the rooster

This photo is not the black bird attacking, as you my assume- but jumping away from a short powerful wing punch by the wild bird. The black bird, although older is realizing he is not up for the fight.

Verbal conflict progresses to "Wing Punching"--consider the strength in these punches: a turkey wing has to be powerful enough lift a twenty pound bird onto a night roost.

Wing punching then progresses to Face Grabbing and shoving

Snoods on the fly

The winner of all the combatants: "You want to mess with me?"

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