Rooster Rescue of Central Florida.

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When we have the space we take in all types of poultry, chickens, turkeys, quail and pheasants. Turkeys are our primary hobby, however we have room for the others most of the time. The Year of COVID-19, something odd happened and we were overwhelmed with phone calls, messages and emails to take in roosters.

I suppose because of the stay at home restrictions, a lot of people obtained chicks which grew into noisy all night crowing birds and neighbors complained. 

Complained a lot it seems.

Dawn call with the sunrise. Although normally they begin crowing at 2am.

I sleep through the noise.

All of our birds are free range (non caged) except for the very old, the very young and the sick or injured.

However we do quarantine any new bird for the protection of our pet flock.

In case you have not figured it out by now, we do not eat our poultry or offer them up for magic/religious rites. (Someone asked this year!)

Quarantine release for a little while. (On my You Tube page)

Introducing a new bird has to be slow.

Success stories

"Little Red" came from the local area. The owners had to relocate after loosing their job during the pandemic.

Type of Rooster? Unknown mix, but someones pet. The owner drove 50+ miles to bring this bird.

I think I should know this breed? He was brought with a Barred Rock and a Turken rooster

This is Quill and Finch. Two Silkies brought by their owners from Palm Coast. Quite the drive down I-95

Quill or Finch? (I cannot tell) But three Silky roosters were brought to us during COVID. I had never seen these before.

Wow! This ugly fellow imprinted strongly on people and follows around us as a naked neck companion. He is a heavy body mix who fought his way to alpha status. Quite the feat, seeing as how many roosters we took in for COVID. He is as cool as he is ugly.

I believe the owner brought him with the black rooster, from Orlando.

This Bantam has all the eye catching colors, as he winds up to battle.

I was carving on my "Lionfish" when two roosters choose to do battle at my feet.

As normal the turkeys ignored the roosters.

Another naked neck rooster. Fairly aggressive to our hens. I guess these are called turkens. However have not really looked into it.

(I'm back on forced 20 hour a week overtime at the space center. We are going to the moon again)

Turkeys and the roosters have to come to an agreement. "Turkey hens rule or we will chase and kick you"

I used this photo on Facebook to demonstrate a beard on the turkey hens.

However the rooster is quite striking. Unknown mixed breed

This is Willard.

A tiny Silkie rooster brought to us at the beginning of the pandemic. He was going to be euthanized because of his aggression.

Indeed despite his diminutive size and crippled toes; most of the roosters learned to avoid this little fellow.

There are more.........Just too many photos to go through.....

Wow. To no interest but to me......

While looking through the photos, this picture of our very first rescue rooster popped on the screen.

He was a bantam.......wait, it will come to me. Bantam Cochin? Anyway he was a common visitor to the Flintknapping tarp!

He also had a spur that turned inward into his leg and we had to trim him every month.

Turkeys alarmed at strange bird "But not the hawk alarm"

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