Turkey Feathers found
Various heritage and wild turkey feathers

This page is an addition to my other turkey feather page and turkey wing art page.

This page reflects a better camera and will probably supersede the other turkey feather page.

Although the other page has some cool links to dinosaur feathers in fossils and amber...

And once again, the warning to understand the law.

Most feathers are illegal to collect. The wild turkey is one of the few feathers found on woodlands or fields, that you can pick up.

Wild turkey feather found in the Florida wilderness! Almost a pot of gold! 

Florida turkey feather?  I think........

Most feathers are illegal to collect.

So I apologize for the coarseness and bad taste of this photograph. However, the point needs to be stressed, that even the feathers of a vehicle killed, Roseate Spoonbill are illegal to pick up.

Same with the numerous raptors hit along the road.

Mixed wild turkey feather. Mixed with what?

Bourbon Red Tom (Not pure bred) showing off to the hens

Rescue Turkey "Christmas" follows me around as I find feathers.

What a great buddy!

Mixed breed turkey feather. Mixed for how many generations?

Random Royal Palm feather. For the compost bin.

Bouquet of Royal Palm tail feathers (not pure bred)

All things fade

All things new. New feather still in it's sheath

I call this "A rough night"

Bourbon Red Tom drawing in the dirt with his wings. "Wing Art"

"Behind the veil"

Mixed breed random turkey feather

Faded Glory

Faded Glory

Late afternoon turkey feather

This is Fat Cat, one of our rescue cats, playing with a turkey feather

Ibis?? Feather on the space center exercise trail.

Another example of "Photograph only" The birds are protected and on Federal Property.

Took the picture only for the example of a "Do not keep" feather.

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More wing drawing by the male turkeys. I have yet the break the code.

A turkey feather for the compost pile

Not quite a wild turkey feather. A little bourbon red mixed in?

Sunrise Tails

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