Cat Rescue
Cats and Turkeys

Well, we like animals and take care of the injured or lost, when we have the room.

We are not accepting cats, this page is about the cats we have rescued.

I suppose like everywhere, wild or abandoned cats wonder into our yard begging for food and very often they are forever pets for long and easy lives. The true feral cats of course only inhabit the edges of our property and like most predators, they come and go like any hunting predator as their food sources change. 

However like the original cat and human association, we feed grain and corn to the birds and this often attracts, squirrels, rats and mice. Our fat domesticated cats have varying "prey drives", from none to active hunters.

Consequently I do try to feed one or two ferals to keep them around and hunting rats-which they do very effectively.  On occasion a poult or chick will fall victim to the feral cats, however this is rare.

This tom showed up with the clipped ear. Is an excellent rat hunter and very often demands attention. I took the picture of him lounging on top of the chicken coop.

This old Tom put on about 10 pounds once he moved in. And follows us around demanding attention.

I call him the happy fat black cat. (not very original) However he is VERY happy.

Old tom watching the turkeys. We had his ear clipped

The grey Tom......Happy cat and supreme killer.

Follows me around at night when I lock up the pens and usually catches something.

One of the barn half feral cats. No clipped ear because I cannot trap him.

He is a very good hunter

This spayed female was a dumped house cat. She cried for months in her new outdoor environment. Not sure how she made it through our winter coyote season. She was very tame once she finally got close and we found her a new home 'inside'

While she did manage to hunt (as in the photo) the other wilder cats chased her relentlessly when she got close to us. Her behavior, -scared of everything, made me assume she had always been an inside cat.

We were very relieved to find her a good home.

It is worth pointing out again we are not cat rescue club. Evidently the remote gravel road behind us, draws humans to dump animals. Cats, chickens, pheasants & dogs. Once a hog.

The year and a half of the COVID-19 lockdown seemed to have expanded the animal dumping. And our cat population has tripled. That was never our plan. And I shudder to think what they do to the wild bird population.

"Bones" our oldest cat appeared in the yard about 14 years ago. She was named Bones because of her physical condition and she was living off of lizards.

We had her spayed and did not have her ear clipped because she had become 'ours'

(Using Bones as a backdrop for my flintknapping hobby)

The cats and the chickens are a little upset by our newest member to the family.

A Irish Wolfhound puppy, with no cat or chicken chasing manners yet. But she is only a baby.

Manners will come.

Feral cat watching the grey squirrels and dreaming.....

Fat Cat demands attention wherever you venture

Sort of how the Fat cat got his name

A flock of 100 wild Black Bellied Whistling ducks have decided to move in. The cats have great fun just running into the flock and making the ducks jump.

The ducks and the cats are not leaving......

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