Over there!

Classic snake posture

NO! Over there! Snake!

The lean forward turkey posture of when locating a snake.

"Okay, let's move you to fence line"

Harmless resident/visitor. The Scarlet King snakes are mostly active at night. I see them when checking on the turkeys.

While I have covered Turkey interaction with snakes on the Turkey Predators page & Free Range Sentinel page, however the turkey (and chicken) reaction when discovering a snake is so interesting I have made a second page to use up the other photos.

This is Florida and snakes abound!

Florida Banded water snake

Yellow Rat snake and turkeys

Seems like people and turkeys reaction to snakes is almost identical

(Harmless Banded water snake)

Aversion or warning of reptiles starts early--an instinct

Even a harmless box turtle draws warning chirps

Big Yellow (yellow rat snake) is my grey squirrel controller & occasional turkey egg thief.

No harm to this creature-I will share an egg in return for the snake's due diligence.


Little pigmy rattlesnake in the weeds.

In turkey Snoods I describe arriving home to find one of our toms bitten in the snood by one of the pigmies. "Leaf Rattler"

Avoid snake bites and how to react when bitten.


The little Leaf rattler (Pygmy rattlesnake) is a good reminder that snakes are common and they want to be hidden and left alone. All snakes are beneficial. Most are exceedingly harmless, and a very few are dangerous.

We all should know what to do when bitten! (Have a plan)

Moving the yellow Rat snake unharmed

Will add more photos as the turkeys discover more snakes.....This is Florida


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