Gallery of (favorite) Turkey Pictures

Dawn, I heard the "fly-down cackle" and saw this hen flying from the roost

Two types of Galliforme Dinosaurs squaring off. Not sure what it is, but the rooster seems to get the turkey hens angry and they chase him.

This was Butterball as a poult. Sleeping soundly! She was the sole egg survivor of a raccoon raided nest and the mother-(a bourbon red turkey) did not return to the nest.

We hatched and raised her. She is almost 14? years old now.

With the baby Butterball, we first learned of the baby turkeys need and love to nuzzle!

Butterball at two years old.

Wow the near miss. We found Lilac trapped in the pool on the verge of drowning. We rescued her just in time. Still she was suffering from hypothermia and took three+ hours of TLC to recover.

Critics everywhere.

Hen and her spring hatching

We will never forget Bobbles

Lilac contented

Honeybird number one. We were given a second "Honeybird"

Funny how the name was applied to two very affectionate turkeys!

Mom and brood in the oak

Butterball telling me who is alpha female

Rescue bird "Chickee" (Barred Rock)

New Babes

The Original "Angry Bird"

Lilac critique of Flint knapping 

Dinosaur in the mirror!

Butterball inspects a petrified coral point

Ember, Lilly and Butterball on a mission!

An "Americana Chicken" laid her egg in the turkey nest, and surprise!  Look at those cheeks!

Thanks for looking!

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