Turkey Drawings
(Their own sketches. Cry Fowl!)

Wing Art and Drawings created by turkeys while showing off to the hens. The process is completed by the turkeys dragging their wings in the dirt.

The male turkey struts about, puffed up, red faced, snood dangling and the female turkeys swoon.

Part of this male behavior is pushing the wings to the ground showing off their bling.

They chuff.  They drum. They write love poetry.


Before the love; poetry they fight, they battle, they wing punch and face grapple. They become King for a brief time and the hens swoon.

But could the Quill be mightier than the wing-slap?

Wings to the dirt or sand.

The Tom turkeys draw love poetry and their own brand of art.

The hens swoon.


History lessons.

The Gallaformes survived the asteroid strike that wiped out their cousins, nieces, aunts and uncles and adopted assorted Therapods and proto birds.

In the ashes of a destroyed world, in between T-Rex skulls and fallen pterosaur wings the ancestors of the turkey and chicken opined for the lost. 

Their art of the quill was perfected in the carbonized forests and mud ripped from the ocean floor that fell from the sky.

What else are you going to do when the world just ended?

Asteroid strike and deep floor ocean mud fell from the skies. The sky rained with mud, Mosasaurus, Coelacanths and various Nessies. Like a movie?

The Gallaformes walked among these flailing ocean creatures gobbling and crowing until those ancient creatures stopped snapping their toothy jaws.

What is going through the mind of these turkey artists?

Please note: These photos are only my interpretations of the turkey drawings. I could be wrong.

Turkey quill drawing has remained the same

since they first began drawing in the dinosaur dust.

Think turkey drawing may be a love poem, however their are disturbing aspects of the ancient asteroid strike!

This turkey drawing  represents the first shoot of grass growing from the dust of the asteroid strike. There was a lot of dinosaur parts for fertilizer. Note in this photo the author left his signature card. (Stated it was oral history until finally writing it down.)

65 million years to perfect their drawing skills!

This turkey drawing might represent a portrait of an attractive turkey hen?

Another artist left a signature feather.

Wait, that is chicken feather! This drawing is by an artist using an alias name. 

Another artist left a signature feather. Sanskrit love poetry?

How did humans learn to use the quill for writing?

Why quite possibly watching the Gallaformes off course.

(Imitating nature?)

How had humans learned to write? Why of course from the feathered Gallaformes. The proof in the pictographs. (Similar drawings on the cave walls in northern Australia)

Unfixed sand paintings have a long established cultural history in numerous social groupings around the globe, and are often ritual paintings prepared for religious or healing ceremonies.

Possibly Navaho sand art was learned from their dometic turkeys?

 It is sometimes opined that sandpainting acts as a portal to attract the spirits & create gates to other worlds. (Of course that came from the internet)

Personally I think turkey sand drawings are simply love poems.

Another artist left his signature feather.

Drawing of a hen's wing?

Love poetry

I think this a Florida beach sunrise. What else?

Sand Art

Another rooster feather alias name again.

Page  under construction as I face the enormity of the quill and snood......dirt and sand

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