Rooster Rescue of Brevard County
East coast of Central Florida

Space permitting.....

We accept or rescue unwanted roosters and place to new homes.

Any roosters (or any birds) brought to property have to be placed in quarantine pens for the safety of our flock of pet turkeys and chickens. 


With the ever increasing popularity of back yard chickens-there is the occasion of a noisy rooster to be included in the chicks from feed store or local producer.

In many communities the roosters are illegal and a pain to the neighbors.

Consequently there is often is a need for placement to new homes.

And we do not mind the extra noise.

Rooster and Tom turkey

Re homing of roosters.

Why would anyone want a noisy rooster when so many people are trying to get rid of them?

Answer is simple.

Predators. Everything likes chicken!

Bobcats, dogs, hawks and owls.....The list goes on.

We DO NOT re home chickens or turkeys for human predators.

Rescue Rooster looking for a new home

Birds are accepted and re-homed at No cost.

(we are not a business, just hobbyists)

This "Naked Neck" Rooster "Just showed up"

We do not know if he self recued from a barbecue or if his owners just dumped him on us.

Of course he also broke our quarantine rules because we did not even know he was in our flock.

When accepting any new rooster: The real problem is space.

We only have so much quarantine space and consequently we can only take in a few roosters at a time.

Barred Rock Rooster and turkey hen "having words"

Warning about mixing Chickens and Turkeys!

So we do not have any health problems with our mixed fowl flock.

However you cannot hardly escape the internet without the warning "Do NOT to let Turkeys and Chickens mingle" because of the disease known as Blackhead.

(Histomonas Meleagridis)) is caused by a protozoan parasite that lives in the cecal worm and can infect both chickens and turkeys-but turkeys will perish from liver damage while chicken are more hardy in regard to this parasite.

The internet "image" search of cecal worms in chickens is rather horrifying.

If you free range your Turkeys and chickens together (as we do) Blackhead Disease can show up at any time and decimate your turkeys.

So far we have used Wazine to control the roundworm carrier of blackhead, Heterakis Gallinarium. but I really do not know if we are just lucky because we have never had any problems.

We have recently began adding acidified copper sulfate to the drinking water as a blackhead preventative. (Just trying to be proactive to keep everything healthy)

We encourage and enjoy mixed flocks.

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