Tours have temporarily ceaseds per the COVID-19 pandemic.

Will start up again, after the all clear & I have caught up on my missing fishing days.

The Wild Side
Space Coast Bird and Nature tours

Kennedy Space Center, Merritt Island National Refuge, Brevard and surrounding Counties.
My focus is on wild turkeys, however all birds and wildlife draw me to the wild side.

It is well established that the seven mile Black Point Wildlife Drive on the northern end of Kennedy Space Center is the best bird watching/photography location in the eastern United States.

Black Point- Amazing place, however often I am drawn to the quieter places of the Space Center and Refuge.

Call me an introvert, but I avoid the crowds and seek the solitude of nature--- however I do not mind showing like minded folks the natural treasures of the Space Coast.

Photo credit NASA

Working at Kennedy Space Center for 35+ years, celebrating the achievements and morning the failures of the Space Shuttle Program, I have been blessed with the ability to explore forests and marshlands of the Florida east coast.

Photo credit NASA

Seminole Ranch (Open to the public) is one of my favorite wild turkey and birding areas where if the morning is not windy- I can listen in on the turkey chatter

I will be counting turkey observations at the Space Coast Birding Festival in Titusville (across the Indian River from the Space Center)

If you are visiting or plan on visiting the Space Coast & I am not working a launch or have pre-planned kayak trip send me an email for some Space Center Exploration.

Found the turkey roost!

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