Pet Homes only! Rescued birds, turkeys or fertile eggs

We are located a few miles west of the Indian River, just south of Kennedy Space Center in Canaveral Groves, Florida. Here in central Florida we enjoy a longer hatching season than most of the United States.

Eastern wild and Blue Slate Poult

The consequences of a healthy and happy flock and long hatching season are …babies, lots of babies….. For the past 15 years we have raised and given away nearly 200 birds each season as well as hundreds of fertile eggs.

Eastern wild crossed with Bourbon Red Turkeys

If you so desire, you can get on the waiting list for any of the following: eggs, poults (turkey chicks), juvenile birds or rescued birds.

  • All Free of charge with conditions of course!
  • The conditions may vary on a case by case basis; however the conditions are approximately as follows:
  • **The turkeys go to pet homes only
  • Not to be used at Thanksgiving (eaten)
  • They turkeys will not be released to the wild (to be eaten by a bobcat)
  • The birds will be provided healthy living space (not caged). 

We maintain the absolute right not to give away any turkey or chicken that we believe will not be placed in an adequate & safe pet home.

In the past we have been saddened to see our pet turkeys that we gave away in good faith, placed on Craig’s List for sale in less than 24 hours. Also, something about people only wanting turkeys in mid-November sends little warning flags up. Normally no birds are placed to homes around “pilgrim time”.

The eggs and poults may be from of any of the variety of heritage & eastern wild turkey hens & most likely a cross between several types. The dominant color pattern will change from year to year depending on the alpha status of the reigning male.

When possible, we are accommodating to color/variety requests but also make an attempt to mix up the genetically related birds to reduce mating within the family tree.

We cannot sex the birds until they are fairly large.

As mentioned, the birds and eggs are free, but we welcome any donations of feed!

Rescued birds: Turkeys and sometimes chickens are brought to us for a variety of reasons and we place them in quarantine pen-separating the new birds from our flock. Upon determination they are free of disease the rescued birds can establish themselves in the flock hierarchy while we work to find them a new home. So far we have had amazingly good luck at placing the birds to foster homes.

Please consider taking in a foster bird!

However before considering adding turkeys to your backyard/barnyard-please review the section on requirements and “Reasons not to have turkeys”


Notice: Many people over the years have requested “Florida Osceola wild turkeys”. Sorry, even though we live in Florida and enjoy watching the Florida Osceola wild turkey flocks, we do not own any Osceola birds, as there are laws and permit requirements in Florida protecting these magnificent wild birds.